Leftover lamb

An unusual twist for leftover lamb, the potato chip ‘butty’- is a wonderfully low-brow roll. I love the crunch and comfort of a potato chip sandwich, perhaps the moral equivalent of deep-fried Snickers bar at a Seaside Fair.

Grill some slices of a peasant bread in a cast iron grill pan, (I used a spelt sourdough bread made at Roman’s restaurant and sold at Marlow and Daughters on weekends) in a little bit of garlic oil. Slather one side with Dijon mustard. Open a packet of English Tyrrell’s butter and mint potato chips (mint goes so well with lamb!) and place them onto the bread + add some leftover lamb + and drizzle over a rich and garlic anchovy parsley dressing. Crunchy, pungently garlic, drippy and ridiculously delicious. It’s a 2 napkin lunch! (Seaside Fair optional)

Serve with a pale ale.

Stuff the potato chips (Mint and Butter flavored) inside the Lamb sandwich and drizzle heavily with a garlic, anchovy and parsley dressing
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