Baby, it's cold outside.

Warm your inner cockles with recipes from the Seafood Pasta story that I art directed for Martha Stewart Living magazine. (February Issue) I’m still thinking about the lemony ‘Crab Ravioli’, which was sublime. It’s on newsstands now, pick up a copy!

Photographed by Johnny Miller

Food concepted/styled by Christine Albano

Prop styling: Sarah Smart

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One thought on “Baby, it's cold outside.

  1. Super into dairy/seafood combos of late . . . just watched Ms. Sophie Dahl cooking her take on the Omelette Arnold Bennett, in honor of the British Eccentric of the same name. Awaiting the arrival of her show here in Mexico City! Meanwhile loving her soft and sloppy kitchen aesthetic, especially in the face of current trends for aggressive accumulation of Vintage-Kitchen-Realness, or Angry-Pro-Chef-Realness. The way she delicately moves an old fork around a slow pan

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