Uncorned beef

Lucinda Scala Quinn is so smart. She didn’t want to wait the traditional two weeks to marinate her piece of brisket, so she slathered it in pickling-spice paste, stuffed it tight in a baking dish with raw beets and white onions, then submerged it under her surprise ingredient (orange juice!) Then let it sit, overnight in the fridge. The result? Immense flavor with a deft pinkish hue, reminiscent of traditional Corned Beef, but minus the 2 week waiting period.

I love shooting with Lucinda. She has her own TV program called ‘Mad Hungry‘ and occasionally I work with her on her print column.

After we’d roasted the meat, she folds some juicy slices of the brisket on Rye bread, adds thick slices of Swiss, which have started to melt under the hot slabs of meat, and a drippy Russian Dressing. Like a Reuben.

Jewish authentic? Probably not. But am I a fan? Definitely.


Food and styling: Lucinda Scala Quinn. (For the recipe… hit up her blogPhotograph: Andrew Purcell, (Art direction: Dimity Jones)

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