I’m so pleased to present the beautiful Madeleine’s shoot we shot this past June, for Martha Stewart Living magazine, with photographs from the incomparable Tara Donne.

Pick up the latest issue on newsstands right now, for a blow-by-blow breakdown of how to make these amazing little cakes, as well as the recipe.

(Update; the recipe for this shoot, now appears online, to get it, click here.)


Photograph by Tara DonneArt Direction: Dimity Jones, Food styling: Cindy Bearman.

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9 thoughts on “Madeleine’s

  1. That last photo made my heart stop for a second! So beautiful. I’m not quite as dramatic with my madeleine removal (usually just nudge them out of the pan with a butter knife), but I’m now rethinking my methods.

    • Thanks Katie! It’s actually Cindy, (Cindy Bearman) who was the food stylist who pushed them out of the pan. Thanks, it was a fun shoot!
      (The recipe is now included with a link to retrieve it in the post) Best! D

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