Leftovers; Christmas Hash

I have a confession. I sometimes like leftovers much better than the original dish. You get to mush them all together, which you can’t do on your plate in the polite confines of Christmas company (that would be called playing with your food) and on top of that, leftovers have a day or two to sit around to develop flavors in the fridge.

I like to dice everything finely… turkey, brussels sprouts, cranberry sauce, mashed potato, whatever you have, and mix them together. Press the ‘hash’ into a hot buttered skillet and press down with a spatula to get a crust. Once slightly browned, make an indent and crack a couple of eggs over the top, cover the skillet with a lid (that’s the secret for getting the eggs cooked through), reduce heat and leave for another 4-6 minutes or till the eggs are just opaque. (They should still be runny inside). Salt and Pepper to serve. I highly recommend eating this straight out of the pan.


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