Tempura Edible Flowers, (what a great idea!) Plus Chinese Tea Eggs, and Tea Salt.

Photographer Andrea Gentl always plants a bed of edible flowers in her garden upstate to add to salads, or to even eat straight from the garden. At a recent shoot with her favorite tea atelier, Bellocq, (for the most recent issue of KinfolkHeidi Johannsen Stewart of Bellocq, came up with the brilliant idea of doing Tempura Edible Flowers, and then serving them with Tea Salt. Andrea said they tasted fantastic and were so beautiful to look at. They also made Chinese Tea Eggs and paired them with the same Tea Salt.

Andrea suggests that if you are going to try this at home, be sure you have done your research as to what flowers are edible! Never use anything that has been sprayed!


*Click here to go to the Hungry Ghost Food + Travel Blog to get the recipe for Tempura Edible Flowers, Chinese Tea Eggs, and Tea Salt.


Photographs © Andrea Gentl
Styling by the amazing Shane Powers. (to see my previous story on Shane, click here).
To check out Bellocq, the Tea Atelier, click here.
To check out or subscribe to Kinfolk Magazine, click here.

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