Pear “Une jolie-laide”

Influenced by the 18th Century still life paintings (that always contained a wine decanter and a skull…) Sebastian Gollings left a pear, and three pale yellow carrots alone to decompose over a three week period, and then photographed them as is.

These exquisite shots are proof that, even in breakdown and the slow certainty of decay, there is beauty, undeniable.


SEBASTIAN GOLLINGS: is a well known still life photographer who splits his time between Melbourne, Sydney and New York. His favorite food dish is Snails in Garlic Butter, which he first had in France, hand-made by a friend. When he’s at home in Australia, he loves eating Oyakodon, made by his wife Miho, with his daughter Kira. Check out his work here.

(“Une jolie-laide” is a french term that means good-looking ugly (ugly/beautiful) it’s often used in reference to a woman who is attractive, though not conventionally pretty. (Merriem-Webster Dictionary)

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