What to eat at Husk, Charleston, South Carolina


I’ve been traveling a bit these past few weeks and I’m now in South Carolina. No one goes to Charleston and doesn’t eat at Husk, in fact it would be wrong to visit this wonderful city and not visit Husk. But the best thing to eat at this restaurant, in my mind, is nothing fancy, and doesn’t require eating at the actual restaurant but only the bar, and that’s the burger. The cheeseburger. Order the Husk Cheeseburger with Fried Potato Wedges and a crisp Thai beer. The Cheeseburger is 10 bucks, the beer 7, and then you are set. The cheeseburger has ground smoked bacon put inside it, and then a ton of melted cheese on top and onion. Forget the rest.

Husk: 76 Queen St, Charleston. SC.
Click here for info. 

Notation to the above: Make sure you eat the Warmed Buttermilk Rolls with Unsalted Butter on top before the Cheeseburger arrives, the salty sesame seeded roll are well worth the seat at this packed, sought after little place.

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